Dear wayfarer. Lady 'Chlodhild' welcomes you here in Ochsenfurt

Yes, you've read correctly, I'm from the 8th century, and I always stroll through the beautiful 'Main'-river-valley. I'm happy if you're interested to come with me on a journey or a small trip around this historic old town.


I was born in February of the year 767 in a small municipality beside the river 'Main' called Ochsenfurt. It's located 20 km southeast of 'Würzburg' in the beautiful 'Main' valley in Franconia, the elite of Bavaria.


I was the eldest daughter of the boatman Clovis and his wife Ermengard. My hair is dark brown, my skin dark and my eyes blue-green. I have a loud voice and I was the biggest pride of my father Clovis, even though I was not a son ...

When I was born there was still 'Pippin the younger' the sovereign , from the family of the Carolingian. One year later, his son Karl came to power. You know him as 'Karl der Große.'


The years passed by. At that time people were only about 29 years old, but not me ... In a fight I swore the pagan god Odin, that if I win, I will never profess Christianity! Otherwise I will straggle forever through the 'Main'-valley. The battle was won, but I got a christian ...


Now I roam around with guests through Ochsenfurt and the 'Main'-valley. Here I tell stories about my friends, for example Hans Stock, the famous blacksmith of Ochsenfurt. With him and with the army of the Holy Roman Emperor Conradin we went into battle to Italy ...


With me, you can find out the story of the Franconians and the Ochsenfurt people very chirpy and humorous. I was present at all major occurrances, and I can tell you everything exactly at first hand. 

Guild membership

Lady Chlodhild is very proud to be now a member of the "German guild of night watchers, towersmen and historic figures." She is authorized to wear the official emblem of the guild.

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