Nice places to explore

There are many nice places around Ochsenfurt waiting for you to get explored. 


If you're planning to walk along romantic paths, through quaint wine villages or high over the amazing river valley, there are always awesome views everywhere you go.


Ready to start?












Points to explore:

  • A walk on the old city wall around the town. Nice views at historic buildings.
  • A Journey through the alleys of Ochsenfurt with 'Lady Chlodhild'. (Guided tours) Very amazing!
  • Amble at the riverside along the historic walls of Ochsenfurt.  

Visiting the museums:

  • Museum of traditional costumes and garbs in the "Greisinghouse" (Spitalgasse 13, guided tours available) Open from Easter saturday until Nov. 1st.
  • Trias Museum. Explore 200 million years geological time period of the 'Trias' (Judengasse 1)
  • Carthusian Museum in the destrict 'Tückelhausen'. A historic Monastery area from the 12th century (guided tours available) Open from Mai 1st. until Oct. 31st. on sat., sun. and holidys













Sommerhausen is a small but historic market municipality rimmed by wine hills. About 3 mls from Ochsenfurt.


Points to explore:


  • Guided tours through Sommerhausen and around the old wall.
  • Guided tour through the wine hills with testing fine wines, including several snacks.
  • Journey with the night watchman through the municipality.
  • Destillate experience tour with liquer tryout and, if you like, with several snacks. 
  • Visiting the zoo above Sommerhausen in the forest. Very nice place to relax, not only for kids!
  • Visiting upteen arts & craft workshops and art galleries everywhere in several historic buildings.
  • Or simply have a walk along the waterside.














A small wine town with a more than 1220 years history. Roughly 8 mls from Ochsenfurt.

Eibelstadt is one of the franconian pearls at the river 'Main'. With many historic POI's. Here you will get in contact with fine wines, culture, recreation and a lot of high spirits.


Points to explore:


  • Guided tours through the town and to historic places.
  • The Towers tour one mile along the old city walls with the mighty towers.
  • Trip on the way of the "Lying stones" (Lügensteine) Check out the mysterious stories about them. Very good guided by 10 information plates along the that path at the 'Kapellenberg'. (4 mls tour)
  • Stroll at waterside of the river 'Main' along the old town walls and relax.




  • The Homeland Museum. Have a trip through elapsed centuries. Gain an insight into historic rooms, watch old historic tools and have a view into the tun makers workin' place. Open May until October on Sundays 2pm - 4pm. (guided tours available)

We wish you a lot of fun everywhere you go!


More will follow

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