Ochsenfurts History
Ochsenfurts History

Incubent Mayor

Peter Juks, the incubent Mayor of Ochsenfurt likes to invite you, as guest in our awesome and historic jewel in southern Franconia, to get a little knowledge about Ochsenfurt's history. You're welcome!



Coat of arms Ochsenfurt

There are many mysterious tales about the accruement of this city emblem. Ask for these legends when you spend your holidays here. The frankonian Lady ''Chlodhild' Andrea Trumpfheller would be proud to tell you the stories about our coat of arms and about Ochsenfurt as well. Even perhaps a little bit more!



The History of Ochsenfurt

Neolithic: Archaeological finds in the cityarea


Ochsenfurt, which looks back on a more than 1250-year history, is the largest city in the district of Würzburg / Bavaria. From the country's planning classified as medium-sized town, Ochsenfurt is also the economic center of the agriculturally structured Ochsenfurter environment with a catchment area that roughly corresponds to the old regions area Ochsenfurt (approximately 35,000 people live here).


At the southern tip of the Main triangle extremely conveniently located in the heart of the Franconian wine country, good reachable by road, rail and ship.
Further development of existing, successful business and settlement of further industrial and commercial enterprises through the "industrial park called "Wolfgang" and the extension municipality "Hohestadt".


Historic old towncentre with a medieval fortress; city gates and towers, gothic town hall with lance turrets, figures and moonclock, Citychurch with Riemenschneider figure, old hospital complex with courtyard, half-timbered houses, local history museum in a historic building called "Schlößle" and a museum for clothes and traditional costumes  in the "Greisinghouse."



8th Century AC: Suspected existence of a royal court on the site of today's tavern "Zum Storchen".


1081: Meeting of the princes of Swabia and Saxony in Ochsenfurt. Choice of Count 'Hermann von Salm' as contraryking of 'Heinrich IV'.


1103: Mention of a ferry in Ochsenfurt.


1133:  Construction of a wooden bridge over the river 'Main', which replaces the insecure ford crossing at district 'Kleinochsenfurt.'

1193: On March 23, Richard the Lionheart, brought as a prisoner of the Duke 'Leopold of Austria' to Ochsenfurt, ransomed by payment of 100,000 marks ransom and occurs from here his way back home to England.


1268: After the defeat and execution of King 'Konradin of Hohenstaufen' the blacksmith "Hans Stock" from Ochsenfurt shall have,- as his double, repatriated the remainders of the 'Hohenstaufen' army back to Naples / Italy.


1291: Ochsenfurt is referred in documents as oppidum = Town. 


1295: Sale of the city by the Bishop of Würzburg 'Manegold von Neuenburg' to his cathedral chapter. The canons then practice more than 500 years the lordship over Ochsenfurt. 


1313: Mention of the first wall fortification


14th Century: Formation towards the city walls ring after expansion of the city to the east and south.


1440: City was attacked by the 'Margrave Albert of Brandenburg', but he was crushingly defeated.


1496: The construction of the new Town Hall is started.


1512-1519: Replacing the old wooden bridge over the river Main with a stone bridge.


1525: Nonviolent occupation of the city by a farmers army, which starts here a "New Order".


1526: Entry of Reformation


1594: The city is sole heir of 'Hieronymus Ganzhorn', the Choirmaster of the endowment 'Neumünster'. Justification of Ganzhorn's foundations and the 'Ganzhorn library' with many rare incunabula (early printed books before 1500)


1612: July 8th.  Emperor 'Matthias von Habsburg' lives in the city.


1627-1628: The witch craze exacts victims in Ochsenfurt.


1631: Occupation of the city during the 30 Years War by Swedish troops. King 'Gustav Adolf of Sweden' lingered for two times in that year in Ochsenfurt.


1633: After the death of 'Gustav Adolf' the city must afford hereditary homage to Duke 'Bernhard of Weimar', the new Lord of 'Mainfranken'. (River='MAIN', FRANKEN=Franconia = means the region) Until 1634 is officiated in Ochsenfurt a Saxon-Weimar administration.


1641: The town is again threatened by foreign troops. The Würzburg cathedral chapter, which exercises control over Ochsenfurt again, then moved troops into the city.


1672: Prince-Bishop 'Johann Philipp from Würzburg' approved the City 4 Fairs. Adopting Ochsenfurt regime. 


1673: Marshal 'Henri de Turenne' occupies the city. 


1675-1678: Prussian troops occupied the city.


1712: April 6, passing of 'Emperor Karl VI of Habsburg'. 


1758: In the seven years' war Ochsenfurt is bombarded by the French.


1777: Mutiny by soldiers of the 'Margrave of Ansbach-Bayreuth', 'Karl Alexander', sold to the King of England for the war in America and should be shipped from here.


1795: Arson of the town by the soldiers of the French 'Marshal Jourdan'


1827: King Ludwig I of Bavaria visites the city.


1862: Connecting the city to the rail network. 


1864: Opening of the railway line Würzburg-Ansbach-Treuchtlingen.


1866: War between Prussia and Bavaria. Prussian army outside Ochsenfurt, destruction of the Main-River-Bridge.


1891: Building of the harbor area at riverside


1898: Connecting the city to the electricity supply.


1908: Construction of urban water pipeline.


1914: King Ludwig II. of Bavaria visits Ochsenfurt


1945: Blowing up the old Main-River-Bridge. Entry of the American occupation forces in the city.


1954: Construction of the new Main-River-Bridge. 


1956: Construction of the outdoor pool on the Main-River Island. 


1962: New construction of the district hospital.


2007: End of April: Removal of the central part of the old Main-River-Bridge because of the danger of collapse.
End of September: Old Town Ferry called 'Nixe' (MERMAID) takes on operating and transported until December 2011 over 400,000 passengers across the river.


2007: Renovation and redesign in the center of old Town is completed.


Until today, a lot of projects more are realized which made Ochsenfurt as  likable as possible, not only for the people who live here, also for visitors and tourists as well.


Ochsenfurt has a partnerschip with the following cities:

  • Coutances / France
  • Wimborne / UK
  • Colditz / Germany / Saxony
  • Bibbiena / Italy


Late 2015:

The City Marketing Association is launched. Many good ideas are on the way to get realized. 


Upcoming projects and ideas which are planned:

  • Remake of the waterside area
  • Setup of a new area for motorhomes and caravans
  • Recast of the old 'Flakeplant' into an eventcentre and many more.




The historic dates ahead were taken from the official website www.ochsenfurt.de

Translation ©by Andreas Jutzi

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