There are a lot of cool events in Ochsenfurt over the year. Here a collection of traditional events.



Topically / upcoming Parties


Traditional-Events 2017 Location Date / Time
Springtime Wine-Hike / Journey.   March 26th

Bratwurstfest (Frying sausage party, 4 days) 


Eventtent at 'Main'-riverside June 3rd-6th

Traditional Pentecost ride


City Center June 5th

Choir-concert 'Franconian Singers Federation'


City Center, Town-Hall July 8th
5th Musicnight Ochsenfurt City Center  

Traditional Linsenspitzerfest


District Zeubelried (3 mls) Aug. 19th-20th




Ochsenfest (The ultimate hammer of events, a must!)


Town Center Ochsenfurt Sept. 9th




Christmasmarket called 'Adventsgässle" Very nice



Town Center Ochsenfurt Dez. 16th+17th
Spring Fair Town Center Ochsenfurt April 30th
Summer Fair Town Center Ochsenfurt June 18th
Autumn Fair Town Center Ochsenfurt Sept. 10th
Winter Fair Town Center Ochsenfurt Nov. 5th

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